Latest Cybersecurity News and Threat Advisory

Latest Cybersecurity News and Threat Advisory

DDoS Attacks Increase 542% Quarter-over-Quarter amid Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 crisis and looming economic recession, proliferation of malware distribution campaigns, scanning activities and DDoS attacks have become rampant. While working from home has become the new norm due to social distancing measures, heavy use and reliance of online services has given rise to a trend of attacks which have been employed to overwhelm ISPs.


Reaping The Benefits Of DDoS Incident Handling Automation

Nexusguard’s Cloud Diversion App provides the complete set of tools you need to facilitate the automation of your incident handling workflows, expedite time-to-mitigation and optimize your overall security strategies. Our app is easy to implement and use, allowing you to leverage the capabilities of your existing security infrastructure.

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