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CDN Service

  • Speed up web content access.
  • Intelligent web traffic dispatch.
  • Strengthen on web service security.

DDoS Protection

  • Instantly defend against DDoS attack.
  • Specializes in protecting web related services.
  • Strengthen on web service security.

DNS Service

  • Rapid deploy DNS service with load balancing, traffic distribution and Geo IP intelligence.
  • Ensure your online assets are always available.
  • Protect Against DDoS and DNS-level Cyber Threats.

Our Partners

As a professional cloud service consultant, we selling all sorts of cloud solution from various cloud services provider. Get through 2ECloud, you can find various trustworthy and full-fledged multi cloud services in the regional market.

2E Concept

ECloud stands for “E”ffective and “E”fficient, as an emerging yet experienced customer-centric Cloud practitioner under the guideline of our parent company – HIERO7, we concentrate more on the collaboration and partnership with our existing top tier cloud service providers.

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